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Aalborg Kloster
Guided tour
In the Aalborg Monastary, also called the Monastary of the Holy Spirit, the Aalborg Guides give an introduction to the interesting history of the monastary.
One of the rooms shown is the Chaptor Hall with beautiful frescoes dating from AD 1512 - 1520. The monastary lies hidden in the middle of Aalborg as a snug little oasis. Today it is the setting of 25 flats for senior citizens.
Time: July 6 - August 22 every Tuesday and Thursday at 2 pm in Danish and English.
Price: DKK 50, children under 12 years of age free.
Place: Aalborg Kloster, entrance from C. W. Obels Plads.

Budolfi Kirke
Every summer sunday you can meet a guide in our cathedral, Budolfi Church, who will answer
questions about history and interior.
Time: Sundays June 18 - August 27 from 12 am to 3 pm.
Place: Budolfi Kirke, entrance from Algade.
Entrance: Free

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Aalborg centrum
Centre of Aalborg

Fra Jens Bangs Stenhus
Detail from Jens Bang's House of Stone

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